Sarah was the first woman of colour
to direct a feature film in Africa
Sarah became known as the
Matriarch of African Cinema
Mario de Andrade, as a poet, critic,
and political activist
expressed the struggle for
independence of the people of
Angola from colonial rule
The voice of the oppressed and of the dissidents, the filmmaker Sarah Maldoror, a pioneer of PanAfrican cinema, passed on April 13, 2020, of complications from coronavirus. Her luminous cinematic oeuvre, including more than 40 films, reveals a valiant fighter, curious about everything, generous, sassy, very caring about others, who crossed all sorts of boundaries with her poetic full bio
None of de Andrade’s writings have yet been officially translated into English. One may read about his work in both the political and literary spheres in the shortbiographical entry in Donald E. Herdeck’s (ed.) African Authors, published by Black Orpheus press in 1973. The Portuguese version of “Song of Sabalu” translated into English here is published in Presence Africaine (1966).read full bio
Association “Friends of Sarah Maldoror and Mario de Andrade”

‘’In the life of any individual, family, community or society, memory is of fundamental importance.  It is the fabric of identity’’ – Nelson Mandela

Founded in 2019, the Association “Friends of Sarah Maldoror and Mario de Andrade” focuses on preserving memory, encouraging dialogue and developing legacy work of this extraordinary couple whose lives have impregnated and crossed those of the main thinkers of the 20th century in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Led by daughters Annouchka de Andrade and Henda Ducados, the Association’s main purpose is to feed the larger public with upcoming events regarding their parents as well as providing public access to information on films festivals and debates.

Crucial to the Mission of the Association is to ensure that the intellectual legacy of the couple lives on to the benefit of the larger public.

Nelson Mandela

Aquino de Bragança, Nelson Mandela, Mario de Andrade

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Miami – Third Horizon Film festival 22 to 29 June / A nomadic trio : tribute to Sarah Maldoror

Miami – Third Horizon Film festival 22 to 29 June / A nomadic trio : tribute to Sarah Maldoror

This year Third Horizon Film festival is honored to present a retrospetcive tribute to the late Sarah Maldoror (1929-2020). Annouchka de Andrade will be in attendance.

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Die Gesänge der Sarah Maldoror – Ein Kino der Nähe, der kollektiven Verantwortung und des Teilens
Die Gesänge der Sarah Maldoror – Ein Kino der Nähe, der kollektiven Verantwortung und des Teilens

Tribute to Sarah Maldoror in the cinematographic collectif of Frankfurt. 12 films from June 10 to 12. in presence of Annouchka de Andrade Sarah Maldoror (1929-2020) is one of the most important pioneers of African and Afro-diasporic cinema, yet she has remained relatively unknown to audiences in Germany. Born in the south of France to

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Tours – le 19 juin 2022
Tours – le 19 juin 2022

Le dimanche 19 juin 2022 à 11 heures aux Cinémas Studio de Tours. Nous présenterons deux films de la cinéaste Sarah Maldoror : – Le court métrage SCALA MILAN A.C. (France, Italie – 2003 – 18 minutes). – Le long métrage SAMBIZANGA (Angola, Congo, France – 1972 – 102 minutes).

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To Sarah Maldoror…who, camera in hand, fights oppression, alienation
and defies human bullshit

Lisa SmithNY
The New Inquiry

Though her name remains unfamiliar to most, the French­born filmmaker's work is central to postcolonial African cinema

Sight & Sound

Maldoror brought to the screen the "shadow songs" of negritude and the liberation struggles of African countries.

John McGillTX
Cahiers Du Cinema