Annouchka de Andrade

Annouchka de Andrade is currently promoting her parents legacy – The Association “Sarah Maldoror and Mario de Andrade”

With over 30 years of experience, Annouchka has worked in international cultural cooperation with a strong focus on audio-visuals, cultural heritage and production in France, Spain, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and Equator. She has provided technical assistance to Sarah Maldoror in the last 20 years.

She has also worked as Audiovisual attaché for French ministry of Foreign affairs, based in Bogota for: Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Equator. This included management of shared cultural heritage, promotion of national cinema, support production for Tv and radio programmes as well as music.


  • “Los Olvidados” in L’avant scène cinĂ©ma, Paris, mars 2010
  • “Ana Mercedes Hoyos”, spĂ©cial issue in Mundo magazine, Bogota 2007
  • “Economie du cinĂ©ma colombien”, in Le film africain et du sud, 2008 et 2009
  • “Origines do nacionalismo africano”, de Mario de Andrade, edited by Dom Quixote, Lisbonne, 1998


From Russian and English to French:

  • « Vive le cinĂ©ma: 4ème rencontres cinĂ©matographiques de Beaune » – edited by Austral – 1995
  • « Et le cinĂ©ma va : Europe/Etats-Unis » – edited by Lieu commun – 1994
  • « Sunlight ou Lumière : le cinĂ©ma europĂ©en » – edited by Lieu commun – 1993
  • « Les rencontres cinĂ©matographiques de Beaune » – edited by Femis/L’ARP – 1991
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